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Birth Pool Rental

Planning a Water Birth?

As she was planning her last home birth (she's had 4 by the way :-)), Dr. Anna grew frustrated at the options for tub rentals for a water birth in the greater Syracuse area. 

To aid in helping her fellow mama's deliver in a quality birth pool, she decided to purchase one to rent out! 

The Specifics...


  • One Aqua Doula birth pool with accessories 

    • Instruction booklet​

    • Submersible pump

    • Foam floor pad

    • Foam top floating disk

    • PVC tub walls (Aqua Doula wall with pull pin)

    • Heater & Temperature control

    • Blue Aqua Liner

    • Clear disposable liner* 



  • $250 for the rental plus a refundable $50.00 cleaning deposit

  • *Optional additional $30.00 charge if you would like us to provide the disposable clear plastic liner


Rental time:

  • Kits may be picked up from Simpson Family Wellness (170 Intrepid Lane, Ste. 1 Syracuse, NY 13205) no sooner than 37 weeks gestation. Clients will have until 10 days after baby's birth to return the supplies. 


You will need to obtain:

  • 1 new garden hose for filling and draining the tub

  • adapters for attaching to the water source

  • a large tarp to spread out underneath the birth tub to protect flooring and prevent damage from splashing and spillover of water

  • *A clear plastic liner if you choose not to purchase from us


Resources for you...

Looking for more information or want to set up a rental?

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Woman standing next to a set-up birthing pool
Dimensions of the set-up AquaDoula
Two women; one standing to the left and one inside of a birthing pool
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