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Community Groups

Simpson Family Wellness: Chiropractic, PLLC is honored to host some amazing groups!

Stay connected to events and meetings through our Facebook page and Events Calendar

Come meet other expecting families at our Birth Prep. Birth Prep is a class that provides couples with knowledge and hands on techniques to use during labor, birth and the postpartum period. Classes will be held the first Saturday of each month at 9:00AM*. 

*Due to COVID-19, classes will be indefinitely held in a virtual format.

BirthFIT® Postpartum Series: Breath and Flow

This bodyweight series focuses on healing the postpartum body by bringing awareness to breath and re-engaging the core. Join us as we introduce movement, heal your postpartum body and most importantly connect with other mamas in the community. 4 Week Series Coming Soon $99


What is Birthfit?

BIRTHFIT® | To cultivate awareness and enhance education throughout the parenthood transition by developing and producing one of a kind BIRTHFIT® experiences through in-person classes and distance learning so that any human has the space to make their own informed, intuitively guided choices.

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