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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Gentle, prenatal chiropractic can help to relieve many of the stresses placed on a woman’s body during pregnancy. As her body adapts to compensate for her expanding uterus, there are many new stresses placed on her body, including postural and hormonal changes, pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain and ligamentous imbalances.

Specifically, chiropractic treatment during pregnancy helps improves the mother’s balance in her spine and pelvis, removing nerve interference and allowing for a healthier environment for the baby to grow, and for an easier birthing process

Additional benefits include:
  • Relief of commonly felt neck, back and joint pain

  • Pregnancy induced sciatica

  • Muscular pain/spasm

  • Improved flexibility and strength

  • Reduced labor and delivery times, pain and difficulties

  • Reduced risk of cesarean births

  • Safe nutritional and exercise recommendations

Dr. Simpson is certified in Webster Pregnancy Technique and offers individualized and gentle care throughout all stages of pregnancy!

What is the Webster Pregnancy Technique?

The Webster Pregnancy Technique is performed by a Doctor of Chiropractic, certified in this special technique. It is a safe and gentle chiropractic technique that helps to correct spinal and sacral misalignment and balance pelvic muscles and ligaments. These corrections allow for a reduction of torsion on the mother’s uterus, allowing for reduced constraint on the growing baby and facilitating proper birthing positions for the baby.

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Women from all stages of her pregnancy can benefit from the technique, allowing for the improvement of overall function of the pelvis, uterus and ligaments. This technique helps to improve the mother’s pelvic alignment, and removing and constraints that may be stopping the baby from turning “head down” when faced with “breech presentations.” Fetal repositioning has been reported by many patients after the Webster Pregnancy Technique has been performed, facilitating more natural births.

We encourage you visit for the latest research on the chiropractic benefits for pregnancy and pediatrics.

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