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Kinesiology Taping

What is Kinesiology Taping?

Rock Taping, Kinesiology taping, or KT taping improves circulation and helps to cue and stimulate muscles’ propioception. When the tape is applied, there is a microscopic lifting, or decompressing, between the skin, fascial, and muscle layers. This lifting allows for increased blood flow, lymph flow, disperses swelling more quickly, and decreases pain signals.

In addition to decompression, taping stimulates and potentiates proprioception. This allows the muscles to function more properly, thus optimizing performance, delaying muscle fatigue, and decreasing the risk of injury. Tape can also be utilized in the case of injury, especially to decrease pain and swelling.

Taping can also normalize muscle tone and muscle activation patterns–taping can stimulate dormant muscles and relax overactive muscles. This enables for effective postural corrections and rehabilitation as well as accelerated healing. In combination with other therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, cupping, etc., taping is even more effective–creating a synergistic effect.

Taping is available at Simpson Family Wellness as a stand-alone treatment or as a complement to another therapy. Dr. Anna is certified in Basic and Performance Functional Muscle Techniques (FMT I, II)


Thank you thank you THANK YOU Dr. Simpson! So I went in for A routine adjustment today and mentioned to Doctor Simpson that I have had trouble engaging my core since having my second C-section. She confirmed I have diastasis recti and my abs are currently not speaking to each other ha ha. Good news? She can help! We started with some basic core exercises and then she taped me with her sweet new skills she learned this weekend. My shoulders are also feeling amazing as they is in the correct position thanks to more tape! She’s a miracle worker!  – Lindsay S.

Dr. Anna-Marie Simpson used KT tape for my knee before a 5k this weekend and it was likely the only reason I was able to complete it! Without her help, my knee would likely have given out. She’s also helped me treat a pulled back and general kept me in good working order. Plus, she’s a blast to work with! Thanks Dr. Anna! -Sara F.

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