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Our Approach...

“Join our family’s commitment to your family’s health and wellness through our skills and experiences in chiropractic and nutrition at Simpson Family Wellness.”

Simpson Family Wellness is a family oriented wellness center located in Syracuse, NY.

We have a diverse patient population, ranging from infancy to the elderly. For years Chiropractors have treated patients by adjusting hypomobility in the spine.  Simpson Family Wellness looks beyond the old school thought process of traditional chiropractic and incorporates muscular and visceral treatment as well as the chiropractic adjustment. Wellness counseling is added to patient’s care plan in order to “maximize” the chiropractic adjustment, allowing people to achieve optimal health.

Our office offers many different services for our patient base including chiropractic care that specializes in pediatric chiropractic, chiropractic care during pregnancy and nutritional counseling. The office provides services including nutritional assessments and supplements, home care recommendations and chiropractic care. Chiropractic techniques used here include: Diversified, Thompson Drop, Webster Breech, Activator and ART.

At Simpson Family Wellness, it is our hope to enhance the public’s health and educate on the aspects of health and wellness. Stay tuned for our next seminar!


"It's your life. Take it back! Choose us to help support you."
                          — Dr. Anna-Marie Simpson

Winner Certificate Simpson Family Wellness Chiropractic 2020

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Winner Certificate Simpson Family Wellness - Massage 2021
Winner Certificate Stephanie Nguyen, L.Ac. 2021
Winner Certificate Simpson Family Wellness Chiropractic 2021

Do you need to set up an appointment?

You can contact us 315-857-5557 (voice calls & text messages welcomed).

Our Services 



Chiropractic medicine is a natural, non-invasive approach to health care. Our team focuses on restoring and maintaining proper function of the musculoskeletal nervous systems.


Acupuncture is a holistic approach to health care that involves the insertion of single-use, sterile needles. While the goal is to relieve a health condition or pain, Stephanie looks at the body as whole. When there is pain or disruption in one area of the body, the body cannot function optimally. 

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions and situations, including stress relief, muscle pain, soft tissue strains/injuries, headaches, anxiety and much more.


At this time our providers do not participate with insurance, worker's compensation, no-fault or directly accept Medicare assignment. Accepted payment methods are cash, check, credit card, HSA's and FSA's and are due at the time of service. Superbills are available upon request for insurance reimbursement.


"Dr. Simpson was amazing with our little one. She provided us with so much information and confidence with our baby who was very fussy. We saw her when our daughter was 5 weeks and we regret not seeing her sooner. She made my husband and I feel like we could get through the sleepless nights and exhausting days. In the end, we have a much happier baby and we couldn’t be more thankful!"

-Mikaela J.

"Dr Anna is absolutely the best!!! I had been to my family Dr, and several specialists. I had every test known to man done. Blood work many times, even surgery and still no answers for my pain. The Drs pushed one pill after another and kept telling me I needed pain management. I wasn’t buying it. Dr Anna spent many hours researching all my tests and lab work, and it didn’t take her long to see what all of the medical professionals never picked up on. Thank you Dr Anna for giving me my life back. I respect and admire you as a healer and a person. I’m eternally grateful for your help."

-Susan A.

"I highly recommend Stephanie. After over 4 months of constant pain, two hospital visits, x-rays, 3 CT’s, and an MRI, I was told I just have to live on pain meds the rest of my life. I knew that was not for me! I made an appointment with Stephanie. I have had 3 appointments and I am so thankful to say that I am off all pain meds and am pain free!"

Reach Out

Picture of our building at Simpson Family Wellness

170 Intrepid Lane, Suite 1
Syracuse, NY 13205

Phone #: 315-857-5557
Fax #: 315-320-9235

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